More Canadian Portals Devoted To Serving Charities, Aid, & Disaster Relief Organizations

Canada Helps

Canadian portal assesses a 3% transaction fee for the charities that receive donations through their portal. Their portal facilitates credit card donations to 7,000+ Canadian charities.


Canadian Council of Christian Charities 

A member-based association of over 3,000 Canadian faith-based registered charities

Canadian Charities

Canadian portal focused on selling ads to charities in their book listing Canadian charities not oriented to receiving donations for disasters. Partnership with RBC Dominion Securities


Charity Rank

A site not oriented to receiving donations for disasters. All this site does is link to the fed. gov't list or charities at Revenue Canada domain name bought by Chris Wasik, Burlington

Charity Village

Canadian portal not oriented to receiving donations for disasters. Portal for news, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer and event listings for people working in the non-profit sector.


The Humanitarian Coalition

Canadian portal of CARE, Oxfam and Save the Children portal developed by Justin Girard can be followed on Facebook and Twitter

The Canadian government announced (Jan 14th 2010) that the government will match dollar-for-dollar any donations they make to registered Canadian charities to support humanitarian and recovery work in Haiti, up to a total of $50 million.

In order for this matching to take place, and double the impact of your donation, donors may wish to check the website listing the government's list of officially registered charities. Click here to go to CRA Registered Charities Page

This list comes from Canada Revenue Agency and is searchable by name. There is also a list of revoked charities which may help some donars check to see if they are being scammed by an organization that is not legit.

All the agencies shown in the top half of this webpage, are Registered Canadian charities accepting donations online for Haiti earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts.

Made by student Jacqueline K H-F in MRK619 at Seneca. A great overview of what happened, casualty numbers and selected images of the disaster