About Us

How this project has progressed (3rd week of January 2010) developed by the marketing students in MRK 619 at Seneca College's Markham Campus.

Work began on the site less than 5 days after the earthquake hit Haiti Jan 12th. By Day 7 we had secured donations in kind for the domain name registration and hosting.

Jan 17

Began Sunday, Jan 17th by Prof. Tim Richardson,  based on an email by student Julian I. in MRK619 at Seneca College, Markham Campus

Richardson created a mini page and FTP'd up to the web, temporarily, at http://www.witiger.com/haiti/ 

Jan 18 Discussed in class (MTK619 Section MS) Jan 18th, brainstormed domain names, students researched existence  of current Canadian Aid portals
Jan 18 Received email from the office of the president of Canadian domain name registrar www.internic.ca saying they would donate the cost of buying the domain names and administer the domain name ownership for the students
Jan 18 Received an email from Seneca College President David Agnew expressing support for the project
Jan 19 Received email from president of a major Canadian ISP - Internet Service Provider agreeing to host the webpages for the site for free
Jan 20

Seneca College President David Agnew and Prof. Tim Richardson discussing the donations portal with student Julian Irani . Julian was the student who originally proposed doing his e-commerce project on aid websites, until the rest of the class joined in and we took it on as a class project.

Mr. Agnew previously served as the CEO of UNICEF Canada and has been very supportive of the students' ideas to build this portal.

Jan 22

Class of MRK619 Section MS and Section MT met to decide on the domain name and begin discussions on dividing up what tasks needed to be done

Jan 25 Discussed in class the different Teams and who will do what 
Jan 25 The social media group (Alex Lumsden, Jacqueline H F, Claudia Carvajal and Natasha August) created a twitter group http://twitter.com/donationsportal
Jan 25 Jacqueline H F posted a video on Youtube which can be viewed by clicking here.
Jan 25 Charity Contact Team has formed into their team and delegated specific Charities for specific members to be responsible for
Jan 29 Seneca College President David Agnew discusses the website idea with MRK 619 students
Feb 4 Youtube Channel created. TheDonationsPortal Channel
Feb 5 Video of "Toronto Plays For Haiti" concert is posted to the YouTube channel. Click here to go to the video.
Feb 8 Canadian Distaster Donations Portal website is revamped with a new design.
Feb 10 MRK 619 student Clemens Kim designed a new logo which was implemented on the site and can be viewed in the header.
Feb 15 Another video is posted on TheDonationsPortal Channel on YouTube which can be viewed by clicking here.
Apr 13 Jon Davies wrote a song dedicated to the hard working Donations Portal crew. The video can be viewed here.